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Hey y'all! We're back for a special quarantine isolation therapy. There's not much fishing news to discuss but we have a lot to catch up on. Thanks again for all your support. We hope you take some time and enjoy this episode!


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Well folks, it's been a fun and fast ride but all good things must come to an end. Dave and Matt are bringing TOS to an end. Join us one last time while we reminisce over some of our favorite memories doing this crazy show. We want to thank you all for tuning in and becoming our best fishing buddies over the years. Take a bow, it's all because of you and your support. Thanks for listening!!


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This week we're joined by a new guest, 2019 Elite rookie Brad Whatley.  Brad shares his thoughts on how his rookie season went and what he needs to do to improve next season. Later Matt and Dave discuss the latest news of Swindle and Palaniuk going back to the Elite tour and the social media drama fallout over the whole thing. At the very end Floyd from New Market, AL calls in to share his opinion. 


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Just Matt and Dave this week catching up and looking at BFL schedules for 2020. Scott Martin not returning to FLW Tour? 

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Get it? Erie? Eeeeerie? Halloween? Anyone? Matt and Dave are back to report on their trip up to Lake Erie for the annual TOS fishing challenge. Once again TOS East took the win catching the better bass with friend of the show Cody Furr. Thanks to Cody and John McGregor for taking us out and showing us how to catch'em! We also cover the 2020 MLF and BASS schedules.


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James Watson is back to talk about this week's Costa on Lake of the Ozarks, Uranus fudge, and lots more. Dave and Matt are getting ready for their Lake Erie trip and make a few plans. 



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Our ole buddy David "Doc" Gnewikow is back. He shares his thoughts on being a boat captain and coach for his sons' high school tournaments this year as well as a new hearing protection business he's helped create. Tetra hearing gear is here!

Find out more on their Youtbue channel:

Photo cred: TetraHunt Instagram

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Matt Herren is back to catch up with Matt and Dave on his 2019 season, aquatic grass management problems, the state of the industry, and much more. 

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It's Labor Day week and we're still recovering so we're gonna write this one in and shoot the breeze. Tennessee football has Matt worried. Cicadas are attacking David's house. Is it basketball season yet?

Enjoy the short show this week. Back with guests next week we promise!



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Our first Redcrest participant and TOS fan favorite Andy Montgomery joins us to talk about the recent MLF BPT Redcrest Cup event on the MS River. Of course we're gonna talk a little sports too. David is on a hot streak in the BASS fantasy contest.

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UK Linebacker Kash Daniel is back to talk about the Wildcats' upcoming season, Major League Fishing news, and how he defines success on the field and on the lake. David and Matt reveal their fantasy picks for the BASS Elite event at Cayuga. 


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Sittin' on the back porch listening to the cicadas and talking' bout trivial stuff. Who will win the FLW Cup? What exactly is a MLF MVP? Who wrote Rocky Top? Wing name it. Enjoy Matt and David chattering away. 

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This week's guest is Travis Thompson, host of the Cast and Blast Florida podcast. If you haven't listened to their podcast yet check'em out!


This week we cover everything from buckets, to Florida fishing and duck hunting, to the great jelly debate. 



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Lew's and Strike King pro Andrew Upshaw joins us this week to talk about his preparation for the FLW Cup and what it's like to be a social media manager. David grills...bananas? 



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We're back from a little Summer break. Matt shares what he saw at ICAST and David tries to explain how he broke some toes while on vacation. 



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We made it! 300 of these things. David and Matt would like to thank everyone for sticking with us all these years. We appreciate your time and your downloads! This week we're joined by Jamie Hartman to break down his Guntersville comeback victory. Later on we call our buddy Tony Posey, aka Floyd from New Market. Hope y'all enjoy it!

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This week Matt and David talk to Lew's/Strike King/Hunters Specialties marketing relationship manager Mark Copley. Mark drops a little tease about new Strike King and Lew's products coming out at ICAST next month. Of course we talk a little basketball since Mark is a Memphis fan. Later in the show Rich Lindgren joins us to go over our fantasy fishing picks for the Elite stop on Lake Guntersville. Rich posts some good fantasy fishing and fishing tips content on his youtube page. Just search for Hellabass and you'll find him. Check out his channel here


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Matt and David are back this week. David breaks down the first inaugural Carp Dodgers retreat on Pickwick Lake. The BPT anglers set more records. Did they catch ALL the Table Rock bass? Why was there a duck on the roof? We answer these questions and more. Enjoy!

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Bethel's collegiate angler Cole Floyd is back to breakdown his repeat Cabela's Collegiate Championship on Pickwick lake. Cole and his team partner Carter McNeil pulled off their 2nd championship tournament victory last weekend becoming the first team in the 14 year history of the event to win back-to-back. Matt and Dave are heading to Pickwick this weekend to see if Cole left them any fish to catch. 
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Major League Fishing pro Brandon Palaniuk joins us this week. We catch up on how his MLF BPT season is going and discuss the importance of non-endemic sponsors. Matt FINALLY beat David on fantasy?? We close out with an interesting interview about a bee attack in rural Kentucky. 
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David Kilgore joins us this week to catch up and talk about his recent BASS Open as well as an update on Smith Lake conditions. Matt and Dave make their fantasy picks for TXfest on Lake Fork. 

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This week our buddy Brent Anderson joins us to talk about the incredible bass CATCHING going on down in Florida. Brent has been guiding with Vero Trophy Bass Lakes and from the sounds of it they are yanking out some monster bass this year. We also discuss the latest MFL vs BASS topic of the week. 
For more info on Vero Trophy Bass check out their website. or look them up on Facebook.


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Fresh off a huge round of fish catches on Chickamauga, Crochet joins us to break down how his BPT tournament went. Matt and Dave discuss the 3 major tour wins, fantasy fishing results(or lack thereof), and we wrap it up with Classic weigh-in interviews with KVD and Matt Robertson. 

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Every pro in the country is fishing this week. Cherokee, Chickamauga, and Winyah Bay. Matt, David, and JR Henard break it all down and share their fantasy picks.

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This week Matt and Dave catch up on the FLW at Grand, the controversial tie-breaker win, FLW rumors, and Hartwell fantasy picks. Later on we're joined by Lance Freeman to get an update on asian carp fishing on KY lake. 


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This week Matt and Dave take a break and we share with you some interviews from some of the Classic's top anglers. Seth Feider, Mike Iaconelli, Brandon Palaniuk, Jacob Wheeler, and the champion, Ott DeFoe. Thanks to our honorary TOS field staff Greg Huff. You may remember Greg from his fantasy fishing podcast, Fantasy Fishing Insider. Big thanks to Greg for getting these interviews for us on media day right before the Classic began. We also throw in our expo interview with Jamie Hartman at the Cashion Rods booth. Enjoy!!


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Another successful and fun Bassmaster Classic is in the books. David and Matt share their thoughts on how it all went down. Stick around to the end for an interview with Andy Morgan while Larry Nixon makes a cameo. 

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Part 2 of our conversation with JR Henard. Picking back up on how he thinks the pros will fish these 2 different bodies of water. 

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This week we're joined by our good buddy J.R. Henard over in east TN to talk about Loudon and Tellico; the venue for this year's Classic. Listen up and take note of some nuggets of info Henard drops on this lesser known stretch of the TN river system. 

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Paul Mueller is back for an update on his Elite victory on Lake Lanier. Pay attention, Paul's school is in session. 


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Early show this week with our good buddy Cody Prather. Cody is the man behind the camera during all the MLF Bass Pro Tour events. He's down at Conroe ready for event #2. We also get an update on what's happening in the world of Hobie Kayaks and the big tournaments across the world. We wrap it up with our Elites fantasy picks for Lanier. 

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This week we're joined by MLF Bass Pro Tour pro Jeff Sprague. Jeff is fresh off a top 10 finish at the BPT's first event. David and Matt go over their BASS fantasy picks.



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Andy's back! Mr. Montgomery takes a brief time out from some MLF tackle prep to talk to us about the upcoming Bass Pro Tour stop #1. It's almost time to get this new series underway. He also shares his thoughts on why he joined the Lew's pro team. 

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David and Matt are back from a long winter break. Ready to talk fishing again! This year's first guest is KY lake hammer and Bass Nation Team Champion Matt Robertson. We get the scoop on how he won the team championship and what he thinks about qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic. 


Photo Cred: Bassmaster Media

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David and Matt catch up with BASS Elite pro Paul Mueller.

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We're back after a week off for Thanksgiving. We catch up with Jamie Hartman and talk about his return to the Elite tour next year after his medical hardship. Sounds like he's ready to get back and dominate!



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We're back from our TOS football showdown and the Vols came out on top in a dominating performance over David's Wildcats. We talk about the trip and go over the 2019 MLF calendar.

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This week we're joined by BASS Elite Pro Matt Herren. Matt shares his thoughts on the new MLF tour and its impact on the tournament industry. And he doesn't hold back! Pure Fish has a new owner. Dave and Matt get ready for the UT-UK game!


Photo cred: Bassmaster Media


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You know what's scary? Kentucky football. Dave is fired up and ready to take on the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend. Brandon Lester joins us to talk about his BASS Open AOY title and looking forward to the Classic in Knoxville. 


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This week we're joined by FLW Cup champ and Strike King pro Brad Knight. Matt and Brad talk about hating Bama and talk some smack with David about UK football. Later we are joined by's Robert Montgomery to talk about his new book Kickin' Bass. Lots of good stuff in there for anglers all over North America. 

Photo Cred:

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Friend of the show Cliff Crochet joins us this week to share his thoughts about joining the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour. We learn a Cajun phrase, talk about LSU sports and lots more!



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MLF and former BASS Classic champ Randy Howell is back to answer our questions on what we can look forward to in the new Bass Pro Tour. 

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We had a great show planned for you this week until our recording software decided to go on strike. So here's an abridged version of what all we discussed on the first try. MLF announcements are coming out. Who is in, who isn't?


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We got a packed show this week. Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel is back to share what it felt like to slay the Gators in the Swamp and break UK's losing 31 year losing streak. Sweetwater TV's Joey Nania stops by to give us the details on his BASS Open top 10 at Logan Martin. And of course we break down the latest news on Major League Fishing, the rumors and the possible impact this new tour could have on FLW and BASS tours next year. 

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BASS collegiate champion Nick Ratliff joins us this week. David plugs his idea for Bubba Buffing company. 


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FLW Cup champ Clent Davis is back to talk about his victory at Ouachita. David and Clent discuss the finer details of lawncare methods. We wrap it up with our fantasy picks for the Elite event at St. Lawrence. 

Photo Cred: FLW Fishing

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Hold on for the ride. This week James Watson joins us and boy, is he far'd up! James takes over and pulls no punches this week on some of this year's biggest bass fishing topics. And check out his new spoon from River2Sea!

Photo cred: Bass University


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David and Matt just doing some back porch fish talk this week. David gets a visit from the IRS and then we do some FLW Cup fantasy picks. 

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He's back by popular demand! Andy Montgomery joins us to talk some more fishing, sports, and much more. We discuss BASS's decision to not reschedule the Chesapeake Bay event and what implications that could have with the AOY race. 



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Big thanks to FLW pro David Williams for joining us this week. We cover his great season performance, the upcoming FLW Cup, duck hunting, and of course football! Later we discuss KY's new bass tournament tax and the BASS Elite fantasy picks for Chesapeake Bay. 
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We're back from a little Summer break. David and Matt catchup on tournaments, vacations, and ICAST news. 

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Matt recaps his 2nd place ABA finish on Old Hickory. Jerry joins us to give us details on the BASS Elite event on the MS River at La Crosse, WI. 

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David and Matt are back to talk about their recent trip on KY Lake with guide Brent Anderson. Who caught the most? Who caught the biggest? And how bout that latest commercial from Garmin!?

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Albert Collins joins us to discuss how he and his teammate caught 40lbs on their way to win the TX Team Trail Championship on Sam Rayburn. We cover our fantasy picks for the Sabine river and wrap it up with a few interviews from the Triton Owners tourney.

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This week's guest is Texasfest champion Drew Benton. Drew breaks down his practice and competition patterns that boosted him to the top of the field and locked in his berth for the 2019 Classic. Matt and David share their thoughts on the FLW day 3 confrontation between Randy Haynes and Jason Lambert. Photo cred:

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David and Matt catch up on the weekly bass fishing news. We discuss our fantasy picks for FLW and BASS. 

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Our ole buddy Chris Wells the BASS Chaplain is back to share his experience at the BASS Elite event on KY Lake and catch us up on how his busy schedule is going this year. David and Matt discuss the controversial asian carp problem that many of the pros mentioned on stage and what can be done to battle these invaders. 

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Our good buddy Lance Freeman joins us this week to help us get an idea how the BASS Elite tournament will go down. David and Matt cover their fantasy picks. 

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It's a doubleheader for our fantasy picks and later we are joined by an old friend. 

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We're back and thawed out from hopefully the last cold snap of the Spring. This week's guest is Yo-Zuri pro Clent Davis to talk about his 3rd place finish on Lake Cumberland. 

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Dave and Matt cover what's in the news this week, cover their Sabine river fantasy picks, then finish up their Classic coverage by sharing our expo interviews. Guests include Brandon Card, Luke Dunkin & David Dudley, James Watson, Matt Herren, Randall Tharp, and Randy Haynes. 

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Matt and Dave had a great time at the Classic in Greenville, SC. We recap some of the highlights in the first half of the show then sit back and enjoy our backstage interviews from days 1 and 2 after the weigh-in. We talked to several anglers: Mike McClelland, Jacob Foutz, Seth Feider, Ott Defoe, Brandon Coulter, Jamie Hartman, Mark Davis, Keith Combs, Brandon Lester, Bradley Roy, Randy Howell, and Matt Lee. Next week we'll be back for part 2 with our interviews from the expo!

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We're back and so is Mark Zona! Tune in to hear Matt and David keep Zona awake on his marathon trip back to Michigan after filming a show on Chickamauga with Wesley Strader. We get Mark's thoughts on the upcoming Classic and some kind of cherry festival? Later Matt and Dave go over their fantasy picks for the Classic. NExt week we'll be attending the Classic and streaming some live videos on Instagram!

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Big thanks to BASS Elite pro Andy Montgomery for joining us this week. We had a great time talking fishing, sports, and much more. 
Later Dave and Matt share their FLW fantasy picks for this week's event on Harris Chain. 
Check out Andy on IG: @andymontgomeryfishing and on Twitter @montgomeryfishn

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Ole Mullins is back to catch up and break down his performance at last week's Lake Martin event. David Rose and Matt share their fantasy woes. 

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Matt's running solo this week while David catches up on some real work. This week's guests are Bob Blackerby and David Kilgore. Both anglers are very familiar with Lake Martin which is stop #1 for the BASS Elites this year. Bob and David provide some excellent insight into how this tournament could go and which pros might do the best. 
You can follow Bob on his Instagram @bob_blackerby_fishing or Twitter @blackerby7
Or his website


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Fresh off his FLW top 10 on Okeechobee, Chad Morgenthaler stops by to share the details with Matt and Dave. Later we had the SSFL fantasy draft..but due to technical difficulties the draft didn't get recorded. Matt gives a rundown of who drafted whom!


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Tis the season...for professional bass fishing tours to begin! Matt and Dave are joined by FLW's Joe Opager to discuss the 2018 tour and this week's first event on Okeechobee. Later we give our fantasy picks. 

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We're back! Happy new year! After a little winter break Matt and David are back with UK linebacker Kash Daniel and BASS 2017 Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk. Also we play a voicemail from listener Matt Krallman. Check out and vote for Mr. Krallman's video!


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Dave and Matt wrap up the 2017 podcast season with friend of the show Mark Menendez. We chat with Mark about the recent merger of Lew's (Peak Rock Capital) and Strike King. 

Direct download: 246Full.mp3
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This week we're joined by GoWild App developer Brad Luttrell from Louisville, KY. GoWild is a new social media platform made specifically for us hunters and anglers to share our stories and memories. Listen up and get the deets during the show then head over to and learn more!
@bradluttrell @gowildapp on Twitter. 

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This week Matt and Dave are joined by BASS's newest Elite angler Hella Pro Wesley Strader. Wesley was kind enough to share some of his time with us during his whitetail hunt up in Illinois. We cover his upcoming venture into the Elite ranks as well as Tennessee's coaching search that seems to never end. 

Direct download: 244FULL.mp3
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He's a man with arguably the most electrifying beard in professional bass fishing....Thanks to Luke Dunkin for being our guest this week. It's another fun episode with plenty to talk about. Matt, Dave, and Luke try to figure out who will be UT's next football coach. Time flies when you're having fun talking to Luke. Enjoy!

Direct download: 243Full.mp3
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Double header this week, folks! Fishing Tackle Retailer's Joe Sills catches up with Matt and Dave and tells us about his recent trip abroad in Europe. We talk about what it's like to wander through the countryside with little more than a backpack and a drone...and a Mercedes that can't handle a little mud. We also discuss industry questions about the recent acquisition of Strike King by Lew's Holdings (Peak Rock Capital). Later we're joined by Cajun Baby CLiff Crochet to talk LSU/UT football and his new rod partnership! Duce Rods. Check'em out!

Direct download: 242Full.mp3
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Costa champion Bradford Beavers joins us this week to share the details on his voctory on KY lake at the Costa National Championship. 

Matt and Dave also discuss the recent news of Lew's acquiring Strike King. More on that next week!

Direct download: 241FULL.mp3
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Guess who's back! James Watson joins Matt and David to catch up on what's new in his world. And it IS his world, we're just livin' in it! James gives us the scoop on a new spoon he's designing. Matt and Dave share some marketing ideas. 

Direct download: 240FULL.mp3
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This week our buddy Brent Anderson is back to talk about his third consecutive All-American qualification via the BFL regional on KY Lake. We discuss how the fish behavior is changing on the lake due to the Asian carp presence and how he practiced for the event. 

Direct download: 239FULL.mp3
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Bryan College's Jacob Foutz joins us this week to discuss his Bassmaster collegiate national championship title. Jacob will be representing the college angling world in the 2018 Bassmaster Classic next year on Lake Hartwell. Matt and David share their feelings over last weekend's UK and UT football games. 

Direct download: 238Full.mp3
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Dave and Matt are joined by one of the Tennessee River legends Profound Outdoors pro Randy Haynes. We get the scoop on Randy's plans to join the FLW Tour in 2018. We also pick his brain on how he got so good fishing the deep ledges on the TN river system and how he keeps an open mind as fishing conditions change. The show wraps up with Matt and Dave covering their fantasy pics for the BASS AOY event on Mille Lacs.  You can follow Randy on IG & Twitter @randyhaynesfishing


Direct download: 237FULL.mp3
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This week we're joined by the 2017 FLW Cup champion Justin Atkins. 
Justin catches us up on what it's like being not only FLW Cup champ but Rookie of the Year as well! Matt and Dave review the BASS elite AOY rankings and speculate on who will have to requalify next year. 

Direct download: 236FULL.mp3
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This week Matt is joined by @HellaBass Rich Lindgren to cover our fantasy picks for the last regular season event on St. Clair. For Rich's youtube pick videos you can find them here.

Direct download: 235FULL.mp3
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We're back! Dave is well on the road to recovery and ready to talk bass. This week's guest is BASS Elite rookie Jamie Hartman. Jamie did a great job laying out his background and how he got into competitive bass fishing and how he prepared for going on the Elite tour. Later Matt and Dave are joined by Jason Baggett and Jason Duran from Contingense and Bonus Loop. Listen up and find out just what you may be missing!! We wrap it up with our FLW Cup fantasy picks. 

Direct download: 234Full.mp3
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This week's special guest is UK Football linebacker Kash Daniel. Kash fills us in on how summer practice is going as well as how he grew up learning to bass fish in Eastern KY. Later Matt and Dave go over their fantasy picks for the Elite event at Champlain. 

Direct download: 233Full.mp3
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This week Matt and David are joined by a Legend of the Outdoors. Editor in Chief of Bassmaster magazine Dave Precht. Dave fills us in on how he got into outdoor journalism as well as some discussion on the new no info rule. Later we cover our St. Lawrence fantasy picks. Finally, stay tuned at the end for a quick interview Matt got with FTR's Ken Duke!!

Direct download: 232FULL.mp3
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We recap our TOS Summer Slam from last week. Chad Morgenthaler joins us to discuss his recent finish at the BASS Open on the Sabine River. We play some new TOS voicemail messages and wrap it up with a preview of some new items coming out at next week's ICAST. 

Direct download: 231Full.mp3
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Matt and Dave are up at Fish Tale Lodge ready to go head to head this weekend on KY lake. Our guided trip fell through so it's up to us to make it happen!

Direct download: 230FULL.mp3
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This week's GUESTS are the recent KY lake Costa's co-angler champ Grayson Smith and boater runner-up Cole Floyd. David gets on his soap box and rants as we cover our FLW Potomac fantasy picks and discuss how there are always a few pros sandbagging during practice. 

Direct download: 229FULL.mp3
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Our guest this week is Doomsday Tackle pro David Mullins. Mullins briefs us on his top 12 finish at Dardenelle. Matt tries to stump him on some Andy Griffith triva. The 2 Davids exchange their annual college basketball smacktalk. 

Direct download: 228Full.mp3
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Recent Sam Rayburn champ Brandon Palaniuk joins Matt and David to catch up on his season. Brandon also gives us his report on Dardenelle lake and what the conditions are so far. Later Matt and David go over their fanasy picks. 

Direct download: 227Full.mp3
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Matt and David catch up with Ross Barnett champ Dustin Connell this week. Dustin shares his thoughts on his emotional delayed day 4 victory, beating out KVD for his first major career victory. 

Direct download: 226Full.mp3
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Joe Sills from Fishing Tackle Retailer joins Matt and Dave again to catch up and describe his recent world travels. We focus on his trip to Vietnam and discuss the contrast between the daily fishing cultures of Vietnam and the U. S. Later, Matt and Dave cover their FLW and BASS fantasy picks. 

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David and Matt talk with Bryan Thrift as he gets off Chickamauga lake practicing for this week's Costa event. We try to pick his brain on what it's like to be on the hottest streak in professional bass fishing. Later we are joined by KY Dept of Fisheries Ron Brooks to ask some more questions about Asian carp, specifically the large die off of young Asian carp on KY lake and Barkley. Lots of information you don't want to miss. 

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Did you know there are gators on Ross Barnett? Just Matt, David, and a surprise guest goofing off. Dave plays a few tunes, cracks some jokes, we come up with a new phrase for outkicking one's coverage, oh, and we also discuss our fantasy picks. And Gators. Lots of gators. 

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This week Matt and Dave dial up Gainesville, Florida to catch up with Strike King pro Shaw Grigsby. We cover everything from MLF to sushi. Later the guys compare results from last week's fantasy events.

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Dave made it down to Lake Cumberland Wednesday to talk to some of the pros for this week's B-B-B-Bonus clip of the week.

Take a listen as he chats with Todd Hollowell,  Blake Nick, James Watson, and Jeremy Lawyer. 

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We have a packed show this week with Chad Hoover from Chad fills us in on how the KBF national championsip played out on KY lake last weekend. He also gives some great info on how to get into kayak fishing and the opportunities it opens up for getting those hard to get to bass. Later we're joined by Jason Pittman to cover our Toledo Bend fantasy picks. Then Dave and Matt wrap it up with their FLW Lake Cumberland picks. 


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This week's guest uhda day..uhda week is THE #BabyCub himself Mark Zona. Matt and Dave catch up with Mark after the Classic and discuss just how crazy the way it all turned out. We also get into what exactly Zona Live is and what's coming in the next few weeks!

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It's Classic week and the bass fishing world is focusing their eyes toward lake Conroe and Houston, TX. This week Matt and Dave get an exclusive interview with Contingense's Jason Baggett to get the scoop on the next level coming from the contingency information website. Bonus Loop will debut at the Bassmaster Classic Expo this week. If you're visiting stop by and check out their booth and find out how you can use Bonus Loop to win more money in your tournaments. Later, Matt and Dave discuss their fantasy picks. 

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This week's guest is Cliff Crochet with special appearance by baby Ben Crochet. Matt and David catch up with Cliff before the Classic.

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