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Fresh off his FLW top 10 on Okeechobee, Chad Morgenthaler stops by to share the details with Matt and Dave. Later we had the SSFL fantasy draft..but due to technical difficulties the draft didn't get recorded. Matt gives a rundown of who drafted whom!


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Tis the season...for professional bass fishing tours to begin! Matt and Dave are joined by FLW's Joe Opager to discuss the 2018 tour and this week's first event on Okeechobee. Later we give our fantasy picks. 

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We're back! Happy new year! After a little winter break Matt and David are back with UK linebacker Kash Daniel and BASS 2017 Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk. Also we play a voicemail from listener Matt Krallman. Check out and vote for Mr. Krallman's video!


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