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Two Hundo Celebration

This week David and Matt are together for a special celebration of their 200th show. Our guests for the night are all friends of the show: Randy Howell, David Mullins, Jason Christie, Eric Prey, Cliff Crochet, and Lance Freeman. Thak you all for listening and your comments and support is greatly appreciated. Here's to the next 200!

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199 Duke Jenkel and FTR Joe Sills

Recent Lake of the Ozarks Costa champ Duke Jenkel joins us to talk about his win. Then Fishing Tackle Retailer's digital editor Joe Sills (@Joesills on twitter) discusses the details of Bass Pro Shop's acquisition of Cabela's. What does this mean to the indurstry, the consumers,  and the vendors? 

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198 Seth Feider and the Cabela's Acquisition
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