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197 Ott Defoe
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196 Red Gold Pro Todd Hollowell

FLW pro Todd Hollowell joins us this week to talk about his top 5 at the recent FLW Invitational on Lake Norman. Todd catches up on he approached the event and what he did to accomplish his highest tour level finish. David and Matt recap the AOY event at Mille Lacs, Swindle's claim to angler of the year...and of course a little football talk. It's gator hate week!

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195 Brandon Lester

David and Matt catch up with Mud Hole pro Brandon Lester and get his thoughts on how his season went. David gives Brandon a little advice on marriage and which car is best for demolition derbies. Then we cover the AOY standings and AOY elite event on Mille Lacs this week. 

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194 James Watson From Parts Unknown

Hold on to your hats, James Watson is back for another round. Everyone's favorite MLF angler and licensed beautician, Watson catches up with Matt and Dave and discusses the 2017 Opens and why FLW and BASS having overlapping schedules next year can interfere. Also James says to check out the Big Bash Bash on Lake of the Ozarks this October. For more information go to The Big Bash Bash right here.

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