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193 Brandon Perkins

It's a rare Monday TOS this week! Matt's heading down to Tennessee this week to test a new fish attractant on the KY lake ledges. Will it work or is it a gimmick? Stay tuned. Our guest this week is Pickwick hammer stick/stick hammer Brandon Perkins. Brandin gives his account of what it was like to fish in the Forrest Wool Cup. Representi' the little guy as he puts it. Enjoy the show y'all!

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192 All American Champ Jeremy Lawyer

BFL All American champion Jeremy Lawyer joins Matt and Dave to discuss his great season that wrapped up with a 5th place finish at the FWC on Wheeler. We also talk about the FLW Invitationals. Did you get your invitation yet?!


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191 BASS Live Tommy Sanders

Matt and David visit with Bassmaster Live host Tommy Sanders. We get some insight on how Tommy and the team prepare and improvise for each day's coverage. Tommy also shares how he got into the bassmaster biz though his vast media background.

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TOS Host Blog FWC and Potomac Fantasy Picks

No show this week, folks. David is out on the west coast rubbing elbows with the rich and famous so I figured this would be a good week to throw together a little blog post. The 2016 Forrest Wood Cup is in the books and it was won with an unorthodox approach. Usually late summer on a Tennessee River lake means main lake flats and deep water schools with some scattered wolf packs chasing bait. John Cox bucked the system and took his little aluminum boat off the beaten path. Way off the path. We’ve seen the advantage of smaller and lighter boats helping anglers get into those tight spaces and skinny water honey holes before. But, this time it was for all the marbles. Cox was able to hold off the field for 4 days and make his fish last the whole event. Will we see more anglers buying aluminum boats on the big tournament trails? I doubt it. Perhaps 1 or 2, but the big fiberglass Cadillacs will continue to be the norm. Something to note here is for the 2nd year in a row the Cup winner won in a non-Ranger boat. Good for Ranger I guess. They can keep that contingency cash in the bank until next year, but it sure would be nice for FLW to crown a champion in the boat made famous by their [former] namesake’s founder.  FLW is no longer Forrest L. Wood. They’re Fishing League Worldwide. According to a TOS source close to FLW there is some news floating about that the vote to eliminate co-anglers after the 2017 season is on the list of changes up for vote next year.  Let’s break it down based on a 150 boat field. The co-angler entry fee is $800. That’s $120k per event. Multiply that by 6 events this year and you get $720K. Now, they pay some of that back in winnings, but with no co-anglers there is about $300K after all payouts gone. My initial thought was how will they make up that much revenue? Then it dawned on me. FLW just announced they added a 7th event onto next year’s trail. Pro level entry fees are $4,500. That comes out to an extra $675,000 in pro registration fees for that 1 event. So, after payouts they’re banking a few hundred grand a year in advance of losing co-angler revenue before the 2018 season even starts. Problem solved. What does this mean for the professional bass fishing world? For many pros, as stated by pros in the Cup last week, that means no one in the back of the boat exhausting your limited fish supply 2 of the 4 days during an event. To us normal guys who would love to invest serious cash for a 2 day fishing lesson in the boat with a pro that is no longer an option. Not at the top level at least. There could be more competition for spots in Costa events as well as BASS Opens. Over the years the FLW tour has gained several good pros who began as co-anglers. There are even some co-anglers in whom sponsors have invested serious amounts of money as pro staff who fill a niche in selling and marketing their products and expanding their reach into certain fishing customer bases. Even co-anglers have significant social media impact for their sponsors. Where will they go now?

Enough of that for now. Let’s get out of the business side of things and look forward to this week’s BASS event on the Potomac River.  BASS has been here a few times over the years, but the former FLW pros who made the jump into the Elites may have a little more experience. That’s certainly true for 4 favorites: Jacob Powroznik, Dave Lefebre, Adrian Avena, and Luke Clausen. It will be interesting to see how things shake out in this tournament. There will likely be some grass in play as well as timing the tide.

Let’s wrap things up with our fantasy picks. First up, TOS podcast hosts’ select team for our SSFL (Super Secret Fantasy League). One advantage of being the hosts of the show is since David and I have no skin in the game we can pick whoever we want as our starters. One thing I noticed in my research this week was…wait…research? HA! Matt, you fool. It’s fantasy fishing. The smarter you think you are the worse you end up doing! Silly man! OK, sorry, my inner self doubt surfaced for a second. Sometimes you can experience paralysis by analysis and I’m not one for mental gymnastics. Anywho…speaking of research, have you seen Skeet Reese’s last 4 finishes on the Potomac? Chronologically he’s finished 4th   in 1999, 3rd, in 2000,  2nd in 2006, and 1st in 2007. If this was the Olympics I’d say dude’s been doping! Seriously though…that’s pretty dope with a run like that. That being said Skeet Reese is the official team captain of our group this week. Finishing out our roster are the guys I mentioned earlier. Powroznik, Lefebre, Avena, and last but not least, because he will be doing everything he can to stay in the AOY fight Greg Hackney. Beat that, SSFL members! David's picks are Tharp-Chris Lane-Paul Mueller-David Walker-Mark Davis.

Now for my BASS fantasy picks.  

A. Powroznik

B. Lefebre

C. Browning

D. Walker

E. Clause

63lbs 1oz

I’m going with a similar strategy for bucket A. You have to go back to his FLW history to see how Powroznik has performed on the Potomac. Overall he’s been consistent enough to trust. Lefebre in bucket B is another safe pick, but as I said earlier, Skeet’s recent track record deserves some consideration if you want to go with a lower ownership stud. Want a dark horse pick for bucket B? Dig DEEP into Bobby Lane’s FLW history. You’re welcome. Stephen Browning is known for his river fishing skills. It may not quite be the Arkansas river, but I’ve witnessed how well he can fish a tidal river system firsthand at the Delaware River event and his son just won the Jr High National Championship last week, so I’m hoping he picked up some mojo before he left home. I had Brent Chapman selected at first. He’s highest owned and you’ll at least go with the house team/autofill percentages, but he’s also had some decent success on the Potomac so he wouldn’t be a terrible choice. My 3rd option here would be Britt Myers. Decent success and he’s fishing with confidence this year.

Bucket D was my most difficult choice. I settled on David Walker. A little birdie here at Cabela’s corporate told me that our pro staff guys do share information with their teammates and if you remember Clark Wendlandt won here last year. I’m hoping Clark has given David some helpful info to put him on the right stuff. It’s up to David to execute. My other choice was Koby Kreiger. He and Powroznik travel together. They’re pretty tight and they always share info. He has had mixed results on the Potomac so he could also have a surprising finish.

Lastly, bucket E. Luke Clausen. He’s better than his current AOY and bucket status shows. The Wheeler DQ was a serious blow, however he has done well here before and why not give him a chance to come back strong. Hmmm…I just noticed something 3 of my picks have in common. If you figure it out send the answer in an email to and I’ll draw a name out of all the correct answers on next week’s show for a little prize.


Good luck, y’all!

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190 Mike McClelland

Bassmaster elite angler Mike McClelland joins David and Matt this week to talk about how crazt this season has been, obeying the rules, MLF dynamics, and even some politics...sort of. Then we cover our Forrest Wood Cup fantasy picks for this week's big tourney on Wheeler!

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