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179 Wheeler Fantasy with Tony Posey

The shad spawn is on down at Wheeler and Matt's heading down to be a marshal. This week we're joined by TOS friend Tony Posey to get some insight on how the Elites might be catching fish. We also do our best to pick a good fantasy team...because, you know...we're experts!


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178 BullFork and Norshoals Fantasy Picks

Ron Swanson says fishing isn't that hard. But picking the right fantasy team sure is. Once again BASS is making it tough on us fantasy fishing "experts" by splitting their event between 2 Ozark lakes. Bull Shoals and Norfork. David and Matt give their best (educated?) guesses for who will do the best. 

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177 Brock Mosley Full Show
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177 Brock Mosley

David and Matt catch up with the other Bagley Twin BASS Elite rookie Brock Mosley. Later they cover their FLW Beaver Lake fantasy picks. 

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176 Fantasy Crapshoot
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