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175 Kayak Talk Cody Prather and Gene Jensen

Yakkity Yak! It's time to talk some serious kayaking with's Cody Prather and Kayak Bass Fishing's Flukemaster Gene Jensen. 

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174 Drew Benton

Team TOS catches up with Drew Benton on his recent top 5 finish on the St. Johns river and his thoughts on being a "rookie" on the BASS Elite tour this year. Then we discuss the recent DNR slot limit controversy on the Potomac river that might affect this Summer's Elite event. 

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173 Edwin Evers and Fantasy Picks

David and Matt discuss their FLW and BASS fantasy picks and we play Saturday's interview with Edwin Evers. 

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172 Classic Recap and Interviews

What a week it was in Tulsa for the Classic. Matt and David recap their trip and how the Classic came to an amazing end. We end the show with some interviews we recorded. 

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Bassmaster Classic Day 2 Post Weigh-in Intro

Dave and Matt chat about today's events and get ready for the day 2 weigh-in. 


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2016 Bassmaster Classic Weigh-in Interviews

We get updates from Micah Frazier, Brandon Palaniuk, Brandon Lester, and David Walker. 

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171 2016 Bassmaster Classic Fantasy Picks

Matt's livin' on Tulsa time and Dave is on his way soon to join up and cover the 2016 Bassmaster Classic! We cover our fantasy picks and what's to come from TOS during the Expo and all tournament events. 

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