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170 Super Secret Fantasy Draft

It's draft day for the members of the Super Secret Fantasy League! The first ever (don't fact check us) season long drafted fantasy fishing league. This should be fun!

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This week's guests are Jason Baggett and Dustin King, founders of the website Contingense is your one stop site to get tournament contingency information from dozens of outdoor companies. Then we have the TOS trivia challenge championship between John McGregor and Rich Lindgren. 

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168 Trip Weldon

Bassmaster Elite series tournament director Trip Weldon joins us this week to discuss the ins and outs of being the sheriff of the BASS tournament trail. Then it's the 2nd half of the TOS trivia challenge final 4. Slump (Andy) vs. John McGregor.

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167 3 Year Anniversary Fantasy Picks

David and Matt celebrate the 3 year anniversary of TOS. Rich and Cody square off in 1 half of our trivia challenge final 4. We also cover our FLW fantasy picks.

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