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140 James Niggemeyer

David and Matt catch up with James Niggemeyer this week and review his thoughts on this season and what is to come. Later the guys cover their FLW fantasy fishing picks for the Potomac river event. 

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139 Brandon Lester

Matt and David catch up with BASS Elite pro Brandon Lester to reflect on his top 12 finish on KY Lake at BASSfest. 

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138 BASSfest Hostful with Brandon Card

David and Matt met up last Friday at the world famous Fish Tale Lodge near Paris Landing, Tennessee to discuss the events at BASSfest. They were joined by long time friend of the show and former guest Mike McBroom aka @drumclog. Matt shares what he learned as a marshal on his home lake, fish care after the Triton Owners event, and much more. Brandon Card stops by to say hey. Special background music courtesy of the thousands of 17 year periodic cicadas. 

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137 Weenie Worm Hangy Ball With David Gnewikow and Jeff Kriet

It's BASSfest week at KY Lake! Matt will be marshaling and David will be on location for interviews and updates. Tonight we talked with our buddy David Gnewikow about the Triton Owners Tournament and how one can get burned out on tournament fishing. We wrap it up with an interview with Jeff Kriet. 

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