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132 Murray State's Lance Freeman and Fantasy Picks

Murray State bass angler Lance Freeman joins Matt and David this week to talk about his qualifying for the Bass Nation national championship. The conversation goes off on other topics as you'll find out, but there's never a dull moment when we catch up with Lance!

David and Matt cover their BASS Elite fantasy picks for the California Delta at  the Sacramento river. Enjoy!

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131 Dean Rojas John Crews and Carl Jocumsen

It's the OUTBACK Scoreboard this week! We're back with a triple header! BASS Elite anglers Dean Rojas, John Crews, and Carl Jocumsen join us to talk fishing, autism, and all things Australia. Matt and David also squeeze in their FLW fantasy picks. ENJOY, mate!

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130 Scott Suggs

FLW pro and Major League Fishing champion Scott Suggs joins Matt and David to talk about the Summit Cup, fishing diverse lakes, football, and a lot more. David and Matt and special guest Brandon Johnson discuss their fantasy picks for the BASS Elite Guntersville event. 

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129 Brandon Palaniuk

Bassmaster Elite Tour angler Brandon Palaniuk joins us this week. We talk about what it's like growing up bass fishing in Idaho, traveling in the Tundra, and much more. David and Matt ask the question Is it OK to target spawning bass? And just how ARE you s'posed to hold yer bass?

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