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120 Chad Morgenthaler

This week's guest is friend of the show and first man in line for the 2016 Bassmaster Classic, Chad Morgenthaler. David and Matt talk to Chad about his BASS Southern Open victory, this year's Classic, and then try to settle a debate over which kind of pickle is best. 

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119 Jason Christie and Randy Howell
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118 The Bass Dr. Todd Hollowell

This week's guest is FLW pro Todd Hollowell better known as The Bass Dr. Todd talks about this season's show, what he does while traveling on tour and balancing work and family life.

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This week's guests are Bassmaster Elite angler Edwin Evers and BassGold and Bassblaster creator Jay Kumar. David and Matt talk about everything from fishing to pecans with Evers. We talk to Kumar about the many benefits of BassGold and how he comes up with news and topics for his Bassblaster email service. 

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