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163 Billy McCaghren

Dave and Matt wrap up 2015 with a little visit with BASS Elite pro Billy McCaghren. Then we discuss the upcoming Outdoor Scoreboard Trivia Challenge Challenge Challenge January Madness which begins next week!!

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162 Paul Mueller

Attention! There are NO Star Wars spoilers in this week's show!

David and Matt are back for Christmas week. This week's guest is BASS Elite pro Paul Mueller. We catch up and see how Paul's guide business is going and discuss how tough the competition will be in the upcoming 2016 tour. 

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161 Trivia Challenge and New Elites

We wrap up our first round of Trivia Challenge Challenge Challenge with 2 heavyweight contenders. Dave and Matt discuss the rookie class coming into next year's BASS Elite tour. It's looking pretty stout!

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160 This and That with Dave and Matt

It's a hostful show this week, folks. Dave and Matt chew the fat about many various things. If you listen carefully you'll get the details on something cool coming in the near future. 

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159 Cajun Baby Biscuits

Changing diapers, jelly on biscuits, LSU football, and a little bass fishing. Those are just a few of the topics we dive into with our good buddy Cliff Crochet. Cajun Baby always has a good story or 2 for Matt and Dave. Enjoy!

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158 Gene Jensen aka Flukemaster

This week's special guest is the social media savvy fishing tackle reviewer (and admitted Georgia fan) Gene Jensen. Better known to most as the Flukemaster on Youtube and other social media outlets. Gene takes some time to talk about how and why he started his tackle reviews, the benefits of Mystery Tackle Box, UGA football, and much more. 

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157 Rodney Clawson

This week's guest is Grammy Award winning Country music writer Rodney Clawson. Dave and Matt catch up with Rodney on deer hunting, fishing, and the life of writing Country hits. Then it's another fun and competitive Fishing Trivia Challenge!! 

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156 Clent Davis

FLW pro and admitted Alabama fan Clent Davis joins Matt and David to discuss how tough the Ohio River is fishing for this week's Rayovac Championship in Paducah, KY.


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155 David Kilgore

Bassmaster Open pro David Kilgore joins us from lake Seminole to give us the low down on how tough practice is going. We cover next year's Open schedule, Classic qualifications, and of course Tennessee vs. Alabama.

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154 James Niggemeyer and Trivia Challenge

It's the 3rd week in October and that means Tennessee vs Alabama....but not in fishing trivia! Our buddies Jerry and Grayson compete and represent their football teams this month. Also we're joined by James Niggemeyer to discuss next year's Elite schedule changes and new ideas. 

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153 John Hunter and John Crews

This week's guest are soon to be Bassmaster Elite rookie from KY, John Hunter and Missle Baits owner, Elite pro John Crews. 

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152 Randy Howell and Brent Anderson

Dave and Matt are back with 2 of Triton's best anglers. Randy Howell tells us about how to enter to win his fully rigged Triton through the King's Home charity raffle. Brent Anderson aka Mr. September catches us up on his recent BFL success and how this season presented new challenges. 

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151 Ramie Colson Jr and AOY Fantasy Picks

This week's guest is FLW pro Ramie Colson Jr. We catch up with Ramie and talk about his experience at the Forrest Wood Cup. David and Matt make their AOY Elite fantasy picks. 

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Buck-50 September Trivia Challenge

Trivia guests Brandon Johnson vs Slump! With special guest Matt's cat. 


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149 Brad Knight and Mark Daniels Jr

Forrest Wood Cup champion Brad Knight joins us to talk about his life changing Cup win. MDJ fills us in on his great season finish in the Cup as well.

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148 Cup Recap and St. Clair Fantasy Pick

This week Matt and Dave discuss how the Forrest L Wood Cup played out. We also make our fantasy picks for the BASS Elite St. Clair event. Get your picks in now!


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147 Boogity Boogity Boogity NASCAR Pit Crew Mike Lingerfelt

This week David and Matt are joined by NASCAR pit crew member Mike Lingerfelt from North Carolina. Mike shares some stories and insight from his career as a pit crew member for some of the sport's best drivers. Matt and David recap the Chesapeake event, AOY standings, and do their Forrest Wood Cup fantasy picks.


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146 Clent Davis and Fantasy Picks

Sit back, grab some lemonade...or sweet tea...or mix the two and enjoy this week's show with FLW pro Clent Davis. David and Matt are joined by Rich Lindgren for the fantasy pick session. It's going to be an interesting event at Chesapeake Bay! #ArnoldPalmer


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145 Edwin Evers and TOS Trivia Challenge

"E Squared" is joins Matt and Dave again to review his recent and back-to-back Elite victories. Then we have our first guest trivia challenge with a bass tournament scoring theme. Thanks for listening! Also, we are now on Stitcher Radio!

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144 Albert Collins

This week's guest is TX pro Albert Collins. Albert was the fishing coch for the Jr High team that caught the 11lb 14oz bass at the Bass Nation Jr High national championship event held on Carroll County lake in west Tennessee. Talk about a fish of a lifetime. Good job, Jacob Bruener! 

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143 Brandon Coulter and ICAST Recap

Matt and David catch up on last week's ICAST show and visit with Elite tour angler Brandon Coulter. 

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142 Kevin Baxter Tackle Experts

This week's guest is Kevin Baxter from and The Cabin tackle shop at KY lake near the dam. If you are looking for the best selection of KY lake gear check'em out!! Kevin updates us on all the latest tackle and gear as well as a benefit tournament they're working on for a member of the bass fishing community.

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141 Curtis Richardson and Zack Birge

It's an all FLW show this week with BFL All-American champion Curtis Richardson and FLW Tour Rookie of the Year Zack Birge. Enjoy the show and y'all have a great and safe 4th of July weekend!

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140 James Niggemeyer

David and Matt catch up with James Niggemeyer this week and review his thoughts on this season and what is to come. Later the guys cover their FLW fantasy fishing picks for the Potomac river event. 

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139 Brandon Lester

Matt and David catch up with BASS Elite pro Brandon Lester to reflect on his top 12 finish on KY Lake at BASSfest. 

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138 BASSfest Hostful with Brandon Card

David and Matt met up last Friday at the world famous Fish Tale Lodge near Paris Landing, Tennessee to discuss the events at BASSfest. They were joined by long time friend of the show and former guest Mike McBroom aka @drumclog. Matt shares what he learned as a marshal on his home lake, fish care after the Triton Owners event, and much more. Brandon Card stops by to say hey. Special background music courtesy of the thousands of 17 year periodic cicadas. 

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137 Weenie Worm Hangy Ball With David Gnewikow and Jeff Kriet

It's BASSfest week at KY Lake! Matt will be marshaling and David will be on location for interviews and updates. Tonight we talked with our buddy David Gnewikow about the Triton Owners Tournament and how one can get burned out on tournament fishing. We wrap it up with an interview with Jeff Kriet. 

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136 Mark Menendez

This week's guest is BASS Elite angler, Strike King pro, and Paducah Dave's favorite hometown guy Mark Menendez. We catch up with Mark on how his return to competitive fishing has been and what he looks forward to during the 2nd half of the tour. We also discuss the 100+lb Asian Carp that was recently caught on Lake Barkley and what can be done about this invasive species. 

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135 Clent Davis

Our guest this week is FLW pro Clent Davis. We catch up with Clent on his recent 3rd place finish on lake Eufala and discuss how he learned to fish brushpiles with swimbaits. Forgive our audio quality as Clent is practicing at lake Seminole and reception was poor at times. Matt and David discuss their love and hate for raw tomatoes and cottage cheese. Enjoy!

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134 Aaron Martens

What do blackbirds, bass, and bare feet have in common? It could only be one thing. BASS Elite angler Aaron Martens! Fresh off his victory at lake Havasu Aaron spent some time talking to Matt and David while he was driving home. Sit back and enjoy this week's show!

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133 Senko de Mayo Fantasy Picks

With all the tournaments going on this week Matt and David take some time to catch up and cover their fantasy picks for this week's BASS Elite event on lake Havasu in Arizona. No guests this week, so it's just a good ole fun hostful episode. Enjoy!!

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132 Murray State's Lance Freeman and Fantasy Picks

Murray State bass angler Lance Freeman joins Matt and David this week to talk about his qualifying for the Bass Nation national championship. The conversation goes off on other topics as you'll find out, but there's never a dull moment when we catch up with Lance!

David and Matt cover their BASS Elite fantasy picks for the California Delta at  the Sacramento river. Enjoy!

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131 Dean Rojas John Crews and Carl Jocumsen

It's the OUTBACK Scoreboard this week! We're back with a triple header! BASS Elite anglers Dean Rojas, John Crews, and Carl Jocumsen join us to talk fishing, autism, and all things Australia. Matt and David also squeeze in their FLW fantasy picks. ENJOY, mate!

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130 Scott Suggs

FLW pro and Major League Fishing champion Scott Suggs joins Matt and David to talk about the Summit Cup, fishing diverse lakes, football, and a lot more. David and Matt and special guest Brandon Johnson discuss their fantasy picks for the BASS Elite Guntersville event. 

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129 Brandon Palaniuk

Bassmaster Elite Tour angler Brandon Palaniuk joins us this week. We talk about what it's like growing up bass fishing in Idaho, traveling in the Tundra, and much more. David and Matt ask the question Is it OK to target spawning bass? And just how ARE you s'posed to hold yer bass?

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128 Surprise Guests Brandon Lester and Clay Dyer

Whoops! A surrprise guest this week, even for the hosts! We catch up with Brandon Lester on his great finish at the Sabine River. We also spend a few minutes with Clay Dyer. 

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127 Casey Martin and Fantasy Picks
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126 Ken Duke and Gabe Keen
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125 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champion Casey Ashley
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124 UPDATED Classic Review
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124 Bassmaster Classic Review
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123 Bassmaster Classic Fantasy Fishing
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122 Dave Mercer
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121 Andy Morgan and David Mullins
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120 Chad Morgenthaler

This week's guest is friend of the show and first man in line for the 2016 Bassmaster Classic, Chad Morgenthaler. David and Matt talk to Chad about his BASS Southern Open victory, this year's Classic, and then try to settle a debate over which kind of pickle is best. 

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119 Jason Christie and Randy Howell
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118 The Bass Dr. Todd Hollowell

This week's guest is FLW pro Todd Hollowell better known as The Bass Dr. Todd talks about this season's show, what he does while traveling on tour and balancing work and family life.

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This week's guests are Bassmaster Elite angler Edwin Evers and BassGold and Bassblaster creator Jay Kumar. David and Matt talk about everything from fishing to pecans with Evers. We talk to Kumar about the many benefits of BassGold and how he comes up with news and topics for his Bassblaster email service. 

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