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104 Brent Anderson, Cliff Crochet, and the Louisiana Boogieman

Brent Anderson aka Mr. September tells us the keys to success for winning on KY Lake in September. Cliff Crochet describes his experience at the AOY even in Escanaba. He'll also school us on what/who the Rougarou is. 

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103 Slumpgump & Brandon Johnson
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102 BASS Elite David Mullins

David Mullins joins us for a good conversation on fishing the elite tour and some Tennessee/Kentucky/Duke trash talk!

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101 David Kilgore Nathan Reno and Preston Villers

This week's guests are BASS Open and Classic qualifier David Kilgore, and ABA Weekend series coanglers Nathan Reno and Preston Villers. 
We talk to David about how he got started as a professional and his experience in this year's Classic on Guntersville.  Nathan and Preston fill us in on how their season has gone so far.  

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